Strategic Marketing Bootcamp Added to HostingCon Global Marketing Track

Providing an effective service with a strong value proposition is great, but many service providers find it does not necessarily guarantee profit. Each of the dozen sessions in the sales and marketing track at HostingCon Global 2016 New Orleans will help your team translate the former into the latter.

The high stakes competition and pace of technological change create special considerations for service providers, and Devin Rose and Hartland Ross of eBridge Marketing Solutions will apply those considerations to marketing tactics to examine what will actually work in one of the first sessions of the conference.

Sessions will cover the buying habits of SMBs, how to take advantage of the booming ecommerce market, the value of new domain extensions as a hook for new hosting customers, and the crossover between hosts and MSPs in the small and medium sized enterprise market.

Pano Xinos of Red Hat Cloud Innovation Practice will talk about the rise of OpenStack and how to take advantage of it on Wednesday morning, and DreamHost VP of Brand & Community Brett Dunst will share a case study in attention-grabbing messaging.

There is also insider insight into successful partnerships, inbound content marketing, leveraging security through targeted marketing, and trends critical to long-term success, as well as the speed roundtables.

A Strategic Marketing Bootcamp has also been announced, a special add-on session plus networking luncheon to help unlock the sometimes difficult-to-realize potential of the right market strategy. Separate registration is required for this three-hour session.

The final preparations are under way with less than two weeks left until HostingCon Global. Passes are still available and there are a few exhibitor booths remaining, but time is running out so register today.