HiveWind to unveil HiveShield Enterprise at HostingCon Global 2017

This blog post is written by HiveWind, an exhibitor at HostingCon Global 2017. Stop by booth #529 in the HostingCon Exhibit Hall to meet them in person.


HiveWind, LLC. is thrilled to announce the unveiling of HiveShield Enterprise at HostingCon Global 2017, a product designed specifically for Web Hosting firms seeking to provide DDoS Mitigation services to their clients.

Since first incubating HiveShield in Amazon AWS in 2015, the response from the marketplace has been nothing short of astounding. Over the last two years, HiveWind has collaborated with clients to evolve the platform toward performing with unparalleled efficiency on commodity computing resources.

Having been approached by prospective customers in the Web Hosting space, HiveWind seeks to address key challenges they face:

  • Monolithic DDoS Mitigation Appliances are costly with tenuous effectiveness, resulting in astounding upfront capital investments with extremely poor ROI.
  • Cloud-based DDoS Mitigation solutions undermine a Web Hosting Firm’s branding, carry a high monthly cost to their clients, with little to no opportunity for incremental revenue.

With an affordable “Pay-As-You-Go” offering, HiveShield Enterprise provides Web Hosting firms with incremental revenue opportunities for DDoS Mitigation services for near-unlimited sites by installing HiveShield Enterprise within their infrastructure, on commodity hardware.

For a limited time, attendees of HostingCon Global 2017 may enter Promotional Code HCON2017 in their HiveWind Client Portal, for access to plans not available to mainstream clients.


HostingCon Global 2017 will be held April 3-6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Register now to attend and be sure to check out our exhibitor and sponsor opportunities.