Scaling Business Locally and Globally – Enabling growth with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Growth. A magic word for every business. Increased revenues, bigger market share, larger numbers of customers, penetrating new vertical markets, local and global expansions, innovation and products development are items that business strategists struggle with every day.

Organizations create strategies in order to stay on top of things and secure their stakeholder’s interests. It doesn’t matter if they are SMB’s, international corporation behemoths, or mid-size enterprises. The goal of each one of them is to stay operational, provide their customers with value and at the end of the day secure growth and profit*. (*there are some exceptions)

There is a long way between developing a strategy and successfully executing it, and there are many roadblocks ahead. Having solid decision-making processes, access to credible information, ability to forecast based on trends and past performances, and a solid understanding of your competitive landscape are required to move in the right direction. This is however just a start of the journey and as your daily strategy execution takes place the ability to scale your business resources will take center stage in order to achieve your commercial goals and targets.

The challenge of scaling your business is a great one and touches each and every of your companies departments in many ways. From HR and accounting to marketing, sales, and all IT divisions. Your ability to scale in face of success or the lack of it impacts your company’s overall health and your bottom lines.

Let’s face one of real life facts: no business regardless of how well it is performing has unlimited resources.

Even company like Apple with seemingly unlimited amounts of “cash” on hand over $20 billion (reports state a lot more, but most of that is tied in long- and short-term securities) hits roadblocks. I am sure you heard of delays in production due to resources shortages.

While many Apple die-hard fans will sit along the sidelines waiting for their new dreamy gadget, most businesses do not share the same luxurious market position and can’t afford to miss deadlines or disappoint their customers. This rings especially true to Information Technology and Cloud industry as they support their customers’ business critical operations. Considering all the threats and uncertainties risk mitigation plays a large role in building agile and scalable business.

If you are involved in business strategy or are responsible for strategies executions I’d like to invite you to join my session on “Scaling Business Locally and Globally Enabling Growth With Hybrid Cloud Solutions” at HostingCon in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 06, 2017: 10:00 AM and discuss the challenges and their solutions around business growth and scalability for digital age companies on local and international level.

See you there!