HostingCon Sessions Decode Security Market Developments

With rapid change in IT services, entire markets are created and divided between providers in the time it takes to complete a programming course, and change can create short windows of time to grab market share. Keeping up with industry news is important for businesses, therefore, and HostingCon educational sessions can help service providers understand and act on recent industry news, as speakers share the timely insights that industry peers need to know.

Jeff Barto, trust strategist for Symantec, will present a session on Google Chrome and the Encryption Mandate on the third day of HostingCon, exploring the role of hosting providers in promoting encryption, and the opportunity for them in helping customers meet cybersecurity challenges. The Electronic Frontier Foundation reported in February that approximately half of the traffic on the internet is protected by HTTPS, based on data from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. On the way to this possible tipping point, many web hosts have responded to growing interest in encryption among small website owners by partnering with certificate authorities to encourage adoption among their customers.


The market for application security services is another opportunity for hosting providers. Jim Smith, the director of cloud go-to-market development for Radware will present the case for web application firewall (WAF) services as protection against hacking and for PCI compliance, and how to build a profitable WAF business based on successes within the industry. The WAF market is developing quickly, with Hostway leveraging its WAF among security tools protecting its HIPAA and HITECH managed services, for which the company announced it had gained accreditation for electronic protected health information (ePHI) in February. Radware also gained a competitor over the past year, as security-as-a-service Stackpath launched in October, and announced the acquisition of CDN provider Highwinds to scale its platform in February.

Change in security, like any other aspect of the industry, happens so rapidly that busy decision makers for service providers are often not in a position to analyze it. Catching up with the thought leaders among companies in the hosting and cloud service ecosystem with HostingCon’s vendor-neutral educational sessions makes sure opportunities are identified in time to take advantage of them.

HostingCon Global 2017 will be held April 3-6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Register now to attend and be sure to check out our exhibitor and sponsor opportunities.