About Martin Wielomski

Martin Wielomski is currently a Global Manager of Products and Evangelism at PhoenixNAP Global IT Services and holds a position of HostingCon Advisory Board Member at Penton / Informa. He has years of experience in the Information Technology and Hosting industries and specializes in global strategy development and international business, product management and evangelism, and sales leadership. He also writes for several international IT oriented magazines and blogs and advises about technology, product strategy, management, PR, customer relations, sales and international business expansion while leveraging human connection potential in his corporate strategies. Martin believes in lifelong learning and leadership through engagement, while maintaining realistic and down to earth people approach. He can be reached at: linkedin.com/in/martinwielomski

Scaling Business Locally and Globally – Enabling growth with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Growth. A magic word for every business. Increased revenues, bigger market share, larger numbers of customers, penetrating new vertical markets, local and global expansions, innovation and products development are items that business strategists struggle with every day. Organizations create strategies in order to stay on top of things and secure their stakeholder’s interests. It doesn’t … Continued

Digital Strategy Enterprises, Startup and Mess-ups – Part 3

Digital Strategy As you can see no market is untouched and while digital strategy is all about innovation, responsiveness and transformation of business processes with the ultimate goal of achieving competitive advantage it requires vision and deep understanding of your own business first. Focus on core business to innovate and eliminate weakest links goes hand … Continued

Digital Strategy Enterprises, Startup and Mess-ups – Part 2

Old Is New Again Companies which have either been born digital or are trying to digitally reinvent themselves like Walmart, IKEA and Lidl in order to stay relevant and fight competition understand how to play the game of weeding out competition. Let’s go with a few examples to see what’s going on: Amazon – nothing … Continued

Digital Strategy Enterprises, Startup and Mess-ups – Part 1

I have been enthusiastically attending Information Technology related trade shows across Europe and United States through this year and following closely market and economic developments and on that note, I’d like to share some of my thoughts, observations, and advice regarding the digital realm and its advances. Let me start with addressing the getting things … Continued

Tackling Business and Technology Challenges for the Ultimate Win

Business and information technology have a very complicated relationship. Depending on the type of company at which you work, you will notice huge differences in co-dependencies of these divisions. Some companies ceased to exist because of technological progress while others were and are being created due to it. Of course, the majority of businesses and … Continued